protein pancakes

overindulged at the weekend? in need of inspiration to get back on track? want to eat nutritious, but also delicious, food? we have it covered – look no further than protein pancakes.

not everything here at peanut buttered is about excess or wicked indulgence and this little gem of a recipe is a healthy way to start off your day and most importantly there is no compromise on taste.

not only are these scrummy pancakes jam-packed with protein and take no time at all to make, but they are also gluten and dairy-free.

protein pancakes

you’ll need:

one scoop of protein powder (i use this optimum nutrition whey)

one egg

a splash of almond milk (ordinary is fine if you are ok with dairy)

a small dollop of peanut butter (almond butter also works well here)

a handful of blueberries (or whatever berries or fruit you fancy)

a splash of oil for cooking (i use coconut)

this will make around four palm-sized pancakes.

put all the ingredients into a glass and mix with a fork. add a drizzle of oil into your cooking pan and depending on whether you like small or large pancakes ladle out accordingly. flip as the mixture turns solid. seriously

you can mix your blueberries in with the pancake mix or you can leave them until the end – i prefer the latter option.

the best part about this delicious dish is that while it feels like a cheat meal, in actual fact one serving is around 350 calories, it’s high protein, low in carbs and will keep you filled up all morning.

if you are feeling in need of a little indulgence you could add a drizzle of honey over your pancakes should you desire, but I honestly find them tasty enough on their own. enjoy.

six spoonfuls…

a cloudy day at griffin observatory

rows of the good stuff

brights from Victoria's Secret

classic reads with gorgeous covers

pretty glass storage jars

an injection of neon

stud muffin

studded and spiked embellishments are big business at the moment and i’m a huge fan of the trend. fierce sharp metal adds oodles of attitude to any outfit and i think the best place to show off spikes is on your feet.

i recently discovered jeffrey campbell shoes, an LA based designer who is not afraid to show some metal in each creation. every shoe is like a sculpture in itself and i have fallen hard into shoe heaven. claw heels, prickly points in brassy gold or shiny silver, complete with tassels, wood detail and flashes of bold colour… seriously what’s not to love? my personal favourite and soon-to-be-mine come pay day, are these turquoise bad boys with gold studs. it’s like couture for your feet.

ok so i’ve got a little photo crazy but a girl can never have too many shoes right? to find where these beauties are stocked (yes there are distributors in the uk) see the website here. just be careful, i have spent the past hour browsing…… and drooling.

prickly in beige

rock me