apple crumble for one

my name is andrea and i’m an emotional eater. when i’m bored, sad, angry, lonely… i snack. cupcakes cure all woes. it’s exactly what the nutritionists tell you not to do, but i’m more of a therapy person anyway, and my shrinks are two guys called ben & jerry. they know me. they understand me. they help me through it.individual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blogindividual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blog

i’ve been eating my feelings more than usual of late, with my boyfriend out of town for three. whole. weeks. the ol’ ball and chain is away and i’m a little bereft. boo hoo. i could pretend i’ve been a strong, independent woman, but that would be lying to you. i’ll admit it: i’m just a wee bit lonely without my buddy.individual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blog

after my third pint of ice cream this week i glanced at the fruit and veg bowl and felt a pang of guilt. in my bridget jones state, i’ve been neglecting those guys, and without another person in the house to consume them, my apples and oranges were heading for brownsville.individual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blogindividual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blog

what to do when your apples are about to go soft on you? make them into dessert, duh. i had just enough sad-looking apples to make a very appropriate individual serving of mini apple crumble.individual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blog

my measurements for this are always pretty haphazard, but to make my single girl dessert, i’d guestimate that you need:

  • two small apples
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1/3 tbsp brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp flour
  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • 3 tbsp room temp butter

individual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blogpeel and dice the apples, and put in a saucepan with the water and 3 tbsp of the brown sugar. cook on a medium heat until the apple is tender and the water and sugar absorbed.

in a small bowl, combine the butter, remaining sugar, flour and oats. rub the mixture together with the pads of your fingers until it resembles crumbs.individual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blog

individual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blog

pour the filling into an individual pie dish and cover with the crumb topping. bake at 175c for 30 minutes, or until you can see the mixture beginning to bubble around the edges of the topping. leave to cool a little for five minutes.individual apple crumble recipe on peanut buttered blog

serve with double cream, custard or vanilla ice cream.

and afterwards, join me in miming along to celine dion like a lunatic.

a blissful break in suffolk

i love the hustle and bustle of london but sometimes the country calls and there’s nothing quiet like escaping for a few days.

last weekend was spent time drinking red wine, nestled down in front of a log fire and having plenty of giggles with the girls. it proved to be the perfect tonic to a hectic week at work.

country house in suffolk

our home for two days was an utterly charming six-hundred-year-old house in suffolk, thanks to poll’s very kind in-laws.

i arrived on saturday and with els, clem and lou off for a 15-mile run as part of their marathon training, polly, hannah and i set off on a walk, which was only ever slightly shorter than the girls’ run. honest.

walking in the suffolk countryside walking in the suffolk countryside walking in the suffolk countryside walking in the suffolk countryside walking in the suffolk countryside walking in the suffolk countrysidecountry house in suffolk walking in the suffolk countryside

our sense of direction failed us and we did getting a little lost. but as it turned out we were embarrassingly close to home – in the farm yard right next to the house. we make hopeless orienteers that’s for sure. walking in the suffolk countryside farm yard in suffolk

after all that exercise and fresh countryside air a hearty lunch felt well-deserved. with plenty of wine, of course.
lunch cheese board lunch

we all found some room for lu’s delicious home-made pudding…chocolate and banana dessert

before settling down in front of the fire to watch the rugbylog fire log fire

i enjoyed the most restful night’s sleep here…
bedroom in a suffolk country house

we rose early the next day and enjoyed breakfast
hunter wellies bookshelf and telescope

before poll challenged me to a game of table tennis in the barn…table tennis table in the barn table tennis bat

she may have *cough* beaten me,  before my next opponent stepped up the table. she looked rather determined. table tennis table tennis

the game got quite tensetable tennis

…but i was narrowly beaten again. boo.

elen proved to be a humble winner and seemed sympathetic to my shattered pride. she didn’t do a victory dance back to the house or anything.


after i got over losing. and i do hate to lose, we took a few group snaps…IMG_7076 IMG_7077 IMG_7079

with the the table tennis outcome forgotten (and really what is in a game anyway), we set off in search of a nice country pub for lunchwalking in the suffolk countryside thatched roof country house in suffolk snow drops snow drops

we made it to the swan in hoxne, a grade II listed building that dates back to the 15th centurythe swan, hoxne

as the red wine warmed next to the fire we, mulled over the menuthe swan, hoxne the swan, hoxne the swan, hoxne

the girls tucked into a beef roast beef roast dinner elen and i chose salt-baked cod and chorizo
salt baked cod salt baked cod

els wasn’t excited by her plate of food at all…
IMG_7093 IMG_7094

with our stomachs full and satisfied we headed back to the house to pack up and make our way back to london.

a perfect weekend with great company, yummy food, much-needed fresh air and beautiful surroundings. we must return soon (once i’m up to speed with my table tennis skills!)IMG_7097 IMG_7098

barry m textured nail effects

texture is the buzz word in the nails world – concrete, leather, even feather effects were huge during fashion week and have quickly hit the high street. last year everyone was ga-ga for the ciaté caviar manicure, and the three dimensional trend is sticking around for 2013.barry m textured nail effectsbarry m textured nail effects

barry m have dipped their toes into the 3d world with the textured nail effects nail paints. the feel is gritty and grainy without the annoying snaggy texture that catches on your hair á la the caviar mani.

what’s even more fun about this grungy look is that it is juxtaposed with pretty as pie spring colours. there is atlantic rd (blue), ridley rd (mint green), kingsland rd (pink) and station rd (yellow).barry m textured nail effects

barry m is my favourite brand to test out new trends because it’s great quality and crazy cheap – a bottle of the textured nail effects will set you back just £3.99. (meanwhile, the nails inc concrete effect costs £12).barry m textured nail effectsbarry m textured nail effects

and look at the colours! it may be colder than the arctic outside, but looking at my hands, i can almost believe that spring may actually happen again. one day.

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