bonjour from meribel…

just checking in!

sarah and i are currently negotiating the slopes of beautiful meribel in france. peanut buttered in meribel, france

we’ll be back next week to tell you all about our adventures on the slopes, and in the meantime there are some six spoonfuls coming your way tomorrow.

until then, a bientôt!


nip and fab cc cream

i’ve tried bb (blemish balm) creams before and liked them so i was intrigued to get my hands on the cc cream by nip + fab.

cc creams promise to correct misbehaving complexions and suffering from blotchy skin spots and an uneven pigmentation i was eager to give the cream a whirl.
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the liquid is light, it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin but the coverage is great, particularly if you suffer from large pores – it covers those up a treat. the cream contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate, it has active ingredient soline, plus there are light diffusing particles to brighten your skintone.

the cream acts as moisturiser, base and a foundation, plus they are spf 30. no more lugging around a suitcase-sized make-up bag (or is that just me?) and the idea is to layer on the cream to get the desired coverage. Nip and Fab CC cream, Nip + Fab CC cream, Nip + Fab CC cream review, CC creams, BB creams, peanutbuttered, peanutbuttered blogNip and Fab CC cream, Nip + Fab CC cream, Nip + Fab CC cream review, CC creams, BB creams, peanutbuttered, peanutbuttered blogNip and Fab CC cream, Nip + Fab CC cream, Nip + Fab CC cream review, CC creams, BB creams, peanutbuttered, peanutbuttered blogthe product has two shortfalls. firstly don’t put anything onto your face at all, the cream will not sit on your skin and it will flake. i know you are not supposed to but it’s habit to put on my lacura cream as soon as i step out of the shower. same applies for any moisture on your hands. towel dry before even thinking about opening the packet.

secondly the cream only comes in two shades, light and dark, neither of which are my skin tone so i blended them together, but the cream is said to adapt to your own colouring and it did sit well on my skin.

overall i’m a fan and will be using my cc cream from now until the sun arrives (if it ever does). i find a tan always seems to cover all manner of skin sins.

nip + fab cc cream (£14.95) and is available from

sunset gradient manicure

i have bright orange and yellow tulips in my living room right now that look like a fiery sunset when the afternoon sun hits them. they are so beautiful, i wanted to see if i could create something similar on my nails.sunset gradient sponge manicure 4

i found this new shade, papaya, from the barry m gelly hi shine range last week – so spring appropriate and punchy, what’s not to love? with the weather so downright miserable at the moment, i’m in need of some perking up.barry m gelly hi shine papaya

i love the colour on it’s own – look how shiny! it will definitely be a summer staple.barry m gelly hi shine papaya

but to create my sunset-inspired look, i added a gradient layer of gold using the sponge method.

first, i painted two layers of the papaya and allowed to dry completely. this is important, otherwise the sponge will stick to the first colour. sunset gradient sponge manicure 4

once it’s touch dry, brush a thick pool of gold onto a non-absorbant surface (an old glossy magazine works well) and dab a piece of sponge in very lightly. dab off the excess onto your surface, before applying very lightly to the nail.

start at the end of the nail and work up towards the cuticle. you should have a very faint speckle effect, ever so slightly thicker towards the edge of the nail.sunset gradient sponge manicure 4

allow to dry, then sponge another layer at the edge of the nail so it is completely gold. you should have your gradient.

i find this method easier than the previous tutorial i’ve followed in older posts, which mixes the two colours together before sponging.sunset gradient sponge manicure 4

i love the colour combo of the coral and gold together. it’s a little different to the bright orange and yellow of my tulips, but i think it captures the sunset look nicely. what do you think?orange tulips on peanut buttered