watermelon mani

i’m still into my ‘let’s pretend it’s spring by wearing bright and perky manicures’ phase. it’s not ideal, but it’s necessary. i’m giving london two more weeks to get its sh*t together before i’m hauling ass back to sydney, where it is currently 29 degrees. in autumn.

in the meantime, i’m channelling summer with this fruity little number. ain’t she cute?watermelon nail art manicure

watermelon nail art manicure

i was having a little play with polka dots (you know about my obsession – and here’s a secret, you guys only see about a third of the polka dot manis that adorn my nails. that’s how common they are) and randomly tried black dots on this punchy watermelon pink.

watermelon nail art manicure

the effect didn’t look too different to watermelon seeds, so i just went ahead and added a white and green stripe to the edge of the nail. ét voila: a cutie patootie take on my favourite fruit.

watermelon nail art manicure

to avoid smearing, keep your two coats of pink as thin as possible and really, truly wait for them to be completely dry before going about your dotting and striping.

i do the whole end of the nail white, then add the green on top as its easier than trying to paint two really thin stripes side by side. but keep in mind that by this point you’re working with four coats of nail varnish – thick and gloopy if you don’t allow them to dry properly.

watermelon nail art manicure

so remember: two coats of pink. dry completely. black dots and white stripe. dry completely. green stripe. dry completely. top coat. time consuming, but worth it – you don’t want to get to the very last step and ruin it all by smudging. be patient.

watermelon nail art manicure

bonjour from meribel…

just checking in!

sarah and i are currently negotiating the slopes of beautiful meribel in france. peanut buttered in meribel, france

we’ll be back next week to tell you all about our adventures on the slopes, and in the meantime there are some six spoonfuls coming your way tomorrow.

until then, a bientôt!


ode to a flake shake

if you follow me on instagram, twitter or have been within earshot of me the last month or two, you’ll know that lately i’ve been having a real hankering for australian food.

all i seem to be able to think about are the foods i love from home. there could have been a number of things that triggered the sudden longing – the ANZAC cookies i made in honour of australia day, a birthday brunch at aussie lantana cafe in fitzrovia last month, or the red frogs a friend brought back for me from a trip to sydney. whatever the reason, i’ve been craving treats from oz. most recently, a flake shake from wendy’s.wendy's chocolate flake shake recipe on peanut buttered
in australia, wendy’s isn’t the wendy’s you get in america, it’s more of a dairy queen.
when i used to go the mall with mum as a little’n it was my ultimate treat.
and even though i hadn’t had a flake shake in years even before i moved to london, my food nostalgia has gone into overdrive, and recreating one has become a weird obsession for me the last week.
i think i’ve nailed it.

wendy's chocolate flake shake recipe on peanut buttered

a flake shake should be a so-thick-it’s-practically-solid chocolate shake, with crumbled cadbury flake bars stirred through and piled on top. simple stuff, but totally delicious.
for one greedy guts shake, you’ll need:
  • six generous scoops good quality vanilla ice cream (softened)
  • one squirt of chocolate syrup
  • one teaspoon of cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup semi-skimmed milk
  • two cadbury flake bars

wendy's chocolate flake shake recipe on peanut buttered wendy's chocolate flake shake recipe on peanut buttered throw all the ingredients except the flakes into a blender and get whizzing until thick and smooth. if it’s runny, you need more ice cream (always an excellent problem).

chop up the flake bars and stir two-thirds of the chocolate into the thick shake. wendy's chocolate flake shake recipe on peanut buttered

pour into a tall glass. top with the remaining chocolate.

it’s slurping time! you’ll be needing a spoon. and a looser belt.wendy's chocolate flake shake recipe on peanut buttered

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